The Call for Performers in the 2021 Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas is now open!

CODI and Covid 19

At this stage it is impossible to say if the Edinburgh Festival Fringe will return in 2021, and if it does what form it will take. What we do know, is that if we want the option of taking part should it go ahead, we have to start planning now. Public engagement with research has never been more important and we are committed to enabling researchers to share their ideas.

In 2020, despite the obvious challenges, the show did go on. 23 researchers shared their Dangerous Ideas through CODI shows in online festivals and through productions live streamed from the Stand Comedy Club.

By registering your interest now you are not committing to taking part in the 2021 Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas. We will keep you up to date with our plans as they develop. Find out more by joining one of our “So this is CODI…” Information sessions in November.